Why Choose us

  • ✓ Product customization according to needs
  • ✓ Providing premium quality product
  • ✓ Customer satisfaction
  • ✓ Delivery on time
  • ✓ Competitive price
  • ✓ Well equipped machineries
  • ✓ Highly qualified staff
  • ✓ Close relationship with customers

Our Vision

✓ As a leader we envision a world where our coconut products can meet the needs of our customers by providing
the most eco friendly sustainable coir products .

Our Mission

✓ Our main objective is to create the most advanced coco peat solutions for the grower’s requirements, while
protecting the environment.

✓ Our goal is to remain the leading company in producing coco peat growing media in the field of hydroponics

✓ We are using the most advanced technologies and first class raw materials in order to obtain high quality
products that meet all the growers demands & maintain world class standards .

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